We rely on the correct application of the current tax law, considering the importance of optimizing payments by our customers in the public and private sectors, both in the area of ​​taxes and customs, tax litigation and administrative litigation.

Our Taxes Services include, among others, the following:

  • Tax consulting.
  • Consultancy in preparation of taxes statements.
  • We demand by overpayment of income taxes and recovery of tax credit.
  • VAT Refund (Exporter).
  • Tax Planning.
  • Related parts Report.
  • Recovery of tariffs Draw Back for exporters.
  • Tax savings.

We are here to help you

grow your business

Accountservs works with clients to advise and help them to innovate and grow, making the most of their competitive advantages.

Our consultants have the vision and skills of their experience and are committed to permanent advice to be absolving all their concerns and thus achieve business success.


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Our vision is to exceed our clients expectations as Auditors, for that purpose we have been lead to properly understand what is most important to you.

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